Getting back to normal . . . 

Many of you have noticed that I haven't posted in awhile.  I apologize!  The winter weather was so crazy through January (snowiest month on record) and February (snowiest February on record), that there wasn't much activity to report.  Plus, I was tired from working (and playing!) in the snow.  In a "normal" year January and February are quite active for real estate sales, while March and April are slower.  This year was the opposite.  January and February were slow, but March and April were busier than normal.  We seem to be getting back to normal now, as inventory is starting to build, but demand is strong.  There is definitely a sense, regionally, that it will be a very busy summer.

Here's a look at some of the big picture real estate activity over the last couple months:

Home Sales:

Current Pending Sales (28 homes).

Current Homes For Sale (46 homes).


Condo Sales:

Current Pending Condo Sales (5 units).

Current Condos For Sale (14 units).